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How To Book

  • Read the Booking Conditions below.
  • Choose how many flight hours or the training Package to suit your experience, time and availability.
  • Let us know when you would like to be in the Algarve we will match instructor and timings to suit you as best as possible. Aiming to be ready for a course start on a Monday morning.
  • Decide whether you would like us to arrange accommodation and what type you like, self catering apartment or 2, 3, or 4* Hotel. (There is no charge for organising accommodation)
  • Make a provisional email, telephone booking. See contact information in the menu tab above.
  • We will send you a booking form to complete.
  • Sign and send the booking form by e-mail, fax or post.
  • Upon receipt of your  booking confirmation we will send an invoice for either a 10% deposit (if more than 4 weeks to your arrive date, or the full amount if less than 2 weeks to your arrival date.
  • We look forward to hearing from you....... Malcolm Howland and the Fly365 team.

Terms & Conditions

  1. You are declaring that you are medically fit and free from any illness or disability that could affect my safety or the safety of others whilst flying a microlight aircraft, over the age of 14 years old), and within the height ( 1.50m – 1.93m tall = 4ft 11in & 6ft 4in) and weight ( 45 kg – 110kg = 7st & 17st) limits.
  2. I understand and accept that it is my responsibility to obtain an EASA LAPL Medical or EASA Class 2 Medical if I want to fly solo or obtain a licence. NO Solo flying will be possible if you do not have a EASA LAPL medical phyically with you. (The UK CAA Medical declaration is NOT acceptable in Portuguese Airspace.
  3. I can read, write and understand English. 
  4. I agree to pay a 10% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking and the balance of all fees to be made to Fly365 Limited at least Four (2) weeks before the start of the course. I understand and accept that deposits are not refundable & that lessons are not transferable.
  5. I understand and accept that cancellations must be in writing. I understand and accept that in the event of a cancellation, 75% of the total course fee will be refunded.
  6. I understand and accept that non-payment of the balance prior to the start of the course will be deemed a course cancellation.
  7. I understand and accept that if any lessons are unable to be completed due to circumstances beyond the control of the school during my course attendance then I will accept as recompense a 90% refund of outstanding lessons (not accommodation) fees.
  8. I will arrive at the course enrolment time. I understand and accept that late, intoxicated arrival or non-arrival may result in the forfeit of the scheduled lessons.
  9. I will ensure that any prerequisite documentation will be made available at the time of course enrolment.
  10. I understand and accept that my eventual level of competence is mainly dependent on my learning ability and no guarantee is implied that I will attain a particular level of flying skill upon completion of any of the courses. I agree to operate the equipment and act under the instructions given to me during the course by the instructor(s).
  11. I agree to abide by the Club Rules & both UK and Portuguese Civil Aviation Regulations and I will conduct myself in a responsible and safety conscious manner at all times during the course.
  12. I understand that whilst every conceivable effort is made by Fly365 Ltd to reduce all risks to an acceptable level the flying of microlight aircraft can be a dangerous activity even when practised by experienced pilots in perfect weather conditions.
  13. I understand and accept that failure to comply with the terms and conditions may be grounds for termination of a course without refund.

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FLY365 General Enquiries: 01673 885111